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Push off phase loads the upper ankle joint and the great toe.

BBC R4 Inside Health – Running. with Dr. Margaret McCartney goes to the new Motion Analysis Lab at Glasgow’s Jubilee Hospital and asks the orthopedic surgeon and competitive cyclist Jason Roberts about the latest evidence. 

The surgeon relates that our bodies respond to stress by building new cells where they are needed, this is called Wolfe’s Law. So unless you have a pre-existing injury in your joints or are overweight then your bones and cartilage will respond to a reasonable amount of healthy stress. He recommends increasing mileage for runners by a maximum of 5% per week.

BBC R4 Inside Health  Exercise Special with Dr. Mark Porter. An interview with expert NHS consultants on in particular weak muscles being misdiagnosed as ARTHRITIS. Aching in the joints is different to pain in the joints and might be an indication of weak muscles rather than joint wear and tear.

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BBC All In The MindPodcast on Mental health and yoga in prisons.

How to Activate Glute Medius 

NHS Guidelines for Back Pain – Manual therapy plays a part.

Staffordshire University / College of Osteopaths – Find out how to train as an osteopath.

Dr. Edvard Ernst on Osteopathy – Chair in Complementary Medicine at the University of Exeter. A critic of bad science and glib claims Dr. Ernst pulls no punches.

Adaptive Karate with Shihan John Johnston 7th Dan Self development oriented traditional karate. Train with John Johnston in Derby, Coventry, and Birmingham. John was one of the original Coventry Shotokan Karate fighters who trained for the love of karate and the confidence and focus that traditional karate develops.

NICE Back Pain Recommendations – Extract from: “Consider offering a course of manual therapy, including spinal manipulation, spinal mobilization, and massage.” Here the National Institute of Clinical Excellence recommends a series of options for non-specific low back pain including remaining physically active, seeking treatment by means of manual therapy, acupuncture or a combination of therapies, for example, a structured exercise programme and manual therapy. Interestingly NICE does not recommend injections into your low back or use of x-ray imaging.

General Osteopathic Council – The UK government regulator of Osteopathy.