Synergistic Dominance

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27th December

What is Synergistic Dominance?

When a group of muscles which perform the same or similar role, like bending your leg up towards your chest, where one muscle is the main or primary mover and your body allows this muscle to have a holiday and the other helper muscles take over.

Here the helper muscle becomes the main mover and has synergistic dominance.

Problems start to occur when we use the incorrect muscles to do an important or repetitive role. Try slowing your car down using the hand brake before you use the foot brake and apply this to running, squatting or cycling. In the short-term changes in synergistic dominance can work but all-to-quickly the new primary mover will tire too quickly and may struggle with its other roles.

Compound lifts work the whole body and require careful progression to keep the prime muscles dominant!

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