Biography & Prices


Biography & Prices

Initial consultation £45 lasting 55 minutes.

Follow-up treatment £35 lasting up to 35 minutes.

£30 for 30 minutes of hands-on treatment.


Prior to qualifying as an Osteopath, Alex developed his Sports Injuries Therapy clinic in central Derby. Prior to that Alex worked in business before training as a school teacher in 1998.

Recently Alex has started part-time teaching on the College of Osteopaths programme at Staffordshire University.


Alex now instructs Hatha yoga 2 times week.

  • Saturday 10.45 at City Balance Studio on London Road.
  • Thursday at Nuffield Health members only.

In addition, Alex loves Alpine skiing and surfs in Cornwall every summer.

Recently Alex has started training using gymnastic rings and the trapeze. Alex played rugby at school, then took up the martial arts. Alex’s interest in sports injuries stems from learning how to avoid injuries while instructing Tae Kwon Do class warm-ups.