Manual therapy.

Discover how you can recover from  sports and occupational injuries faster, relieve your pain and aid your body’s recovery from pain.

With two osteopaths in the practice we cover Derby full-time.

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Both osteopaths enjoy sport and exercise despite the occasional strain, contusion, sprain or over-training episode.

We offer you a central Derby location, with off-road car-parking, a fully-equiped clinic room and a professional service.

Registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) and therefore entitled to practice as an osteopaths in the UK, Alex and Andrew aims to pin-point the reason for your body’s aches and has lost function. Once identified, we apply suitable treatment methods to assist tissue repair and the easing your symptoms. Treatment typically includes massage, stretching, mobilisations, Ultra Sound and HVLA thrusts.

Essential to your treatment is the recognition of the type of pain that you are experiencing as pain feels unique to all individuals. Each type of tissue exhibits its own distinctive type of discomfort, for example, irritated and compressed spinal nerve roots give sharp stabbing pain. Understanding your pain assists us in choosing an appropriate treatment method.

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